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What is the role of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitations in stem cell therapy?
08-08-2017, 05:32 PM
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What is the role of Physiotherapy & Rehabilitations in stem cell therapy?
Physical Therapy (PT) commonly known as physiotherapy is the medical practise of rehabilitating patients with musculoskeletal problems; to restore mobility and functionality, and to reduce pain. Occupational Therapy (OT) is an intervention that seeks to help its patients develop or recover skills necessary for daily activities. Occupational therapists, working collaboratively with the patients and their families, improvise everyday tasks, modify daily environment and provide support.
Recent studies are showing that PT and OT play a crucial role in muscle regeneration while maintaining general body wellness before, during and after Stem Cell Treatment. The reported studies focus on stem cells as they possess a very high capacity for differentiation.
Physiotherapy is very important and adjusted to every patient dependent on their health condition and diseases. It helps in reducing inflammatory processes, prevent and treat spasm and spasticity, Soothe parasthesia and other sensitive disorders, Increase muscle strength, coordination and muscle fibre capacity, Increase of cardiovascular and respiratory capacity and Activation of dormant and unused functions and organ capacities (muscles, nerves, internal organs, CNS...).
In a nutshell physiotherapy synergises stem cell therapy outcomes.
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